Using video conferencing technology

to shape everyday working life

Our work is subject to constant change in this age of digitalization and globalization. Meetings, agreements and co-working on projects don't need to be equivalent to high costs and risks since the newest videoconferencing technology allows HD realtime communication.

In contrast to telephone conferencing video conferencing allowsanother core factor of human communication - facial expressions and gestures - to be recieved by everyinvolved part.

Additional functions like the sharing of a screen enables the participants to cooperate and make changes live to currently ongoing efforts. The possibilites are virtually endless and we would like to help you find the right solution for your specific case. We offer the right technology for your problems and supplement it with virtual infrastructure like servers, phone lines and our video bridge which we provide for our customers.

Do you prefer to rent or buy a VoiP telephone system?

In summary, it can be said that stationary, i.e. on-premise or "on-site" operated telephone systems require more personnel competence and higher demands on the IT infrastructures compared to cloud-based, i.e. "hosted" telephone systems. Simplified, the rented variant is more suitable for small and medium-sized companies.

Advantages of an on-site (on-premise) operated telephone system

Full control - only employees have access to the system.

The data does not leave the own IT infrastructure, but remains on the internal servers.

Connection to internal ERP and CRM systems possible

There is no dependence on the strength of the Internet connection.

Vorteile einer virtuellen (cloud-basierten) Telefonanlage

Low acquisition costs, costs for IT personnel are eliminated.

Seamless integration of locations, home offices and field service, expandable as required.

Regular maintenance and software updates by the provider.

Hosted in Germany - guaranteed secure and highly available data centers.


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Yealink Smart Video Phone VP59
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