New telephone system for the clinic

On : 30. Apr 2020 / In : All

In case of health problems, it is recommended to consult a doctor. To get an appointment, a phone call must be made first. In the case of a doctor from Cologne, expensive new equipment had been purchased, but it did not work at all as the doctor had wished. Therefore she had to make a small "emergency call" to get "first aid" in the matter of VoIP telephony. For the technicians of Vision Consulting Deutschland GmbH this was not too much of an intervention, as they replaced the existing 3cx telephone system with a visionPBX, thus completing the renewal that had begun. The physician from Cologne can continue to use all of the end devices. When her intercom system in the waiting room could be connected to her telephone on her desk, she was highly satisfied. Now she can devote herself fully to her patients again, without having to worry about the annoying technology.

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